Herbal Medicine

The practice of Chinese herbal medicine is based on traditions and diagnostic models that date back for centuries if not millennia.  Still, herbal medicine is very effective for a variety of modern maladies, and herbs are the first choice of treatment in many countries.

It is important to get herbs from trusted sources, and in my practice I use companies (mostly Min Tong) that test their herbs for both veracity of product as well as for pesticides and heavy metals.   In this way I can be sure that the herbs that I provide are not only safe, but are of a very high quality.  I also do not use herbal formulas that contain endangered or threatened species, as is thankfully the norm in the professional practice of herbalism in this country these days.

Although I can accommodate those who, for some reason, are unable to take herbs in granular form (generally with tablets or capsules), my budding herbal pharmacy is made up of granular herbs.   This means that the herbs have already been cooked down, dehydrated, and ground into a powder.   I have found that this is an easy way to ingest herbs that is not time consuming, hard on the taste buds or overly strong smelling and is still effective.

If you have any other questions, please contact me at henry@mak.ai.